Great Web Designs for less than half the price


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A website is necessary for almost every business industry and organization. An effective, beautiful website can add much more value to your business and revenues. We develop and design top quality websites that are built neatly with special attention to detail given to all the important elements of web design starting from information architecture to content, fom color to typography, and from UX to ecommerce.  web







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Logoinn offers web hosting, VPS & dedicated servers along with plans that are useful for reseller, we’ve been known for our continuous customer support, and you can also outsource our sales team for the same!

Our main customers are small and medium size business owners, and we have developed strategic websites for them that have added more to their click through rates and leads. We work with various scripts to develop websites Word press, Joomla and Drupal being the most popular, and preferred.

For further details or to place an order call us now on 0800 678 5646 if you’re in the UK call us on +44 116 3360 116.


How company formation agentmakes everything right and easy


It is a tough and difficult decision to form a company overseas and open one’s own business. Not every business entrepreneur makes the decision to go abroad because the whole procedure is quite costly and needs enough investment. Gone are the days for all this hassle.Now forming company is the easiest thing you can do. With few hundred dollars company formation is possible today.

With the right project venture in mind you are allowed to open the company without getting accustomed to the methods and country regulations. If you have the idea which you believe in and definitely work in the market abroad then work on it. Just appoint the company directors and shareholders to fill in the formality required during the registration and to have the clear idea about your company yourself. Otherthings that you need doing pre-registration are to have a proper official address and a bank account.

Process of choosing agent

These agents are of great help, giving you a smooth ride safely and securely. They get involved with your company setup process within budget-friendly investment. The question arises to choose the right agent for the required job. Choose the agent who:

  • Doesn’t charge any hidden or extra costs, their service charges are predefined and specified beforehand
  • Doesn’t charge you for the company name because the Companies House fee is fixed
  • Give you the entire documents with complete paperwork
  • Give you free of cost advice without any additional charges
  • Have a safe and secure payment method
  • Simple and easy steps in the procedure to follow with various packages and options

Reasons to choose agent

With professional and expert agents:

  • You get things done easy and smooth
  • The company setup process doesn’t take much of the time
  • You select a professional and available company name
  • Offer services for corporate website, domain name and email server

It is your new business and everything must go perfectly. Choose the right agent so that you do not face any hurdle or difficulty in the process and the entire experience is friendly and positive for you. The company formation agent helps you register your company in UK in shorter time period and through online registration. Directconnection with the Companies House is another help where the process is quick, fair and affordable.

Forming your company in UK brings in many benefits and opportunities for your business venture. Make sure you enter your target market at the right time to make the superb idea a profitable reality for your business.

Company formation made easy, quick and hassle-free


The right skills, creative and intelligent minds and the latest tech-oriented processes have made it all easy and quick to form a company abroad. Less tension and hassle but more ease and cost-effective process is what all start-up businesses entrepreneurs are looking for. So, there is no need to go anywhere else but Logoinn, which gives you the varied cost-effective packages for your company formation.

Why you need a third-party to give you such services; simple, because they are professionals, the market experts. The professional agents are market-oriented, highly qualified and experienced about the upcoming trends and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­latest strategies. They know the right strategy to implement to boost your business in the competitive market.


The easy way out for start-ups is to form a limited company. This way you avoid yourself and your new-born business from the negative effects of the economic challenges. With your newbie business, you need to strengthen every step as you move forward. Limited company formation is one such option which is not only simple and secure but affordable as well to give yourself a hassle-free start.

It is not about registration but a complete formation process. With Logoinn, you get an edge in the market because it goes an extra mile with you. The company gives you a window facilitation centre to form your company with a relevant and matching domain name and building a brand identity on online and offline mediums. This way you get everything within the pocket-friendly offer along with professional, corporate advice.

Trust the reliability of the experts and leave the entire handling to them. The best part is not only you save your costs but your time as well. With the quality registration service, you get a positive brand image from the very first step of your business in the industry. So, do not miss the opportunity and grab the offer. Do not leave the registration and get the right tools to set the right impression of your business with effective designs of logo, website and stationery.

The cost-effective packages help you with professional image, marketing strategies, promotional offers and even the right, strategic location for office and team building tasks. So, trust the experts and give your business a professional boost to give your business a unique strength and competitive edge from the very start. Choose from the basic, starter, intermediate and professional package, whichever fulfils your business requirements fully.

Choosing the best web design for your business: static or dynamic



Despite the global economic slowdown the web design industry is thriving. The high demand of websites is created by the small-sized and home-based businesses. The small businesses strive to strengthen their online marketing activities through their virtual space, i.e., their website and the social media to give way to online marketing.

Many business people opt for the do-it-yourself option and choose free templates available online. But, to survive in the fierce competition today, the small businesses need to act smart by making the right investments to set a professional impression on the audience. Therefore, your business needs a professional, qualified and highly experienced website design and development team of Logoinn who values professionalism and invest in your website genuinely with sincerity and hard work.

It is upon you, as a business person, to decide that you want a basic static website with few pages of information or a content management system enabled dynamic website. The decision solely depends on your business needs. With the help of the social media networking sites, you can easily maintain a static website and keep your audience engaged around-the-clock by giving in latest news time to time. The help of social media gives your marketing efforts a personal touch where you have a direct interaction with your clientele. Later on, you can redirect the visitors with the website static pages including the pricing, testimonials and contact details.

Though your marketing strategy can become effective by publishing regular updates on social media, still you cannot deny the importance of a dynamic website. The open and free source of content management system such as joomla and wordpress updates the website as easy as the Microsoft Office. The tool configuration is time consuming but professionals do that within time, effortlessly. For say, wordpress has auto-update feature facilitating cost-saving update.

If your website needs update quite often then you need a dynamic site to serve good content. This way you have a website with a database to perform certain functionalities or a website which has the interactivity with polls, forums and contact mail.

Once you make your choice between static and dynamic then you only need hiring professional web design service provider of Logoinn to do the job for you, while you focus on other marketing activities of your business. You need a properly designed and well-executed website with genuine, professional advice, regular updates and rich content to make sure that your business is supported with a professional and interactive website.


What you should NOT do with your web design?



logo footballYour business represents itself in online forum through a website. When the customer enters a physical store, the business people want the customer to buy the brand, take interest and come back again. Same is the case with your business website. It is like an online shopping store where visitors come, take interest, buy your brand and come back again. Same like a physical store, you need to decorate your website so that it arouses customer interest, attract and retain them. There has to be a certain call-to-action.

This is where the role of your web design comes in as an effective marketing tool for business success. This is no trial and error process, you need it once and you need to hit it right in one go as well. Today, I will guide you what should you NOT do in your designing process so that it helps you sort out what you should do instead.

Stock Images

Never use stock images because they are predictable, common and lame. Today, customers can easily judge that the images are personalized or taken from the stock. You need professional representation so make it personalized and genuine. Go for unique, appealing images so that you are in a good position to present attractive offers to your customers.

Pop-up ads

Never ruin your site with these pop-up ads. You might think it cool; your visitors might find it annoying. If you want to lose business credibility, then go for it stuffing your site. If you really intend to use them like in a professional way, then use them strategically. Place these ads in strategic positions in appropriate timings.

Social network

Link and connect your website with social media; it is very important in this competitive environment. Keep up with trends and enter your business site in social networks. Make attractive, appealing and engaging accounts in different social platforms.

Image sliders

These are distractions rather amusement. Your audience can easily ignore the rest of the site’s content and products if they get distracted with these image sliders. Image sliders are better known as conversion killers.


Whether it is auto-pay video or music, avoid it! It can be bothersome and frustrating for the audience and it doesn’t do any good to the excitement or attractiveness of the site. Instead, the audience quickly wants to find the close option to put off the auto-play.

You know the company which exactly doesn’t follow these Don’ts and apply the entire Do’s with creativity, customization and uniqueness in your web design. Yes, this is Logoinn: the premium place for affordable, unique, original and interactive websites.

Enter the UK market with legal company formation



If you want to start-up your business in the UK market, there is no opportunity better than this! Do it now! UK is full of golden opportunities, for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The land has marvellous occasions to make its businesses successful. With huge number of customers, great tourism rate, and booming businesses in the industry, you have ample ways to make your business a hit in the UK market.


Your business, when formed, is termed ‘the limited company’. Study what a limited company is. A limited company is a separate and individual legal entity, where you have the entitlement and power to own the assets under company name; lend and borrow money, build various contracts, and to sue or get sued in the company name.


When you get your company registered as the limited company, it gets an individual corporate identity. It is self-sufficient through its own sources and is not dependent on the directors or shareholders. Everything you do is under the company’s name, such as catering the legal prosecutions or binding, getting contracts, employees, suing any entity for illegal actions and take liability if the company itself does any legal offence.


Do not hesitate to enter the UK market as a limited company. It doesn’t matter if you have fewer resources or a small business. You need a legal entry in the UK market. Your initial risks are manageable; therefore take chances, study different strategies and patterns to operate successfully in the market.


Firstly, you need company registration to have an official business start. Select a business name and register the name, depending upon the name availability. This helps your business get proper registration abiding with the company formation policies and regulations. This gives your business a proper legal brand name to start with. Regardless of your business size, your brand name is important for successful business identity and association. Secondly, you need have a registered office address for future correspondence and connection with government offices.


Logoinn facilitates you with your company formation. Our expert team is well-versed with all the market technicalities, strategies and principles. Make us your agents, and get tensed-free and hassle-free of all the legalities to follow, disqualifications that might take place and any technical difficulty that might occur. Logoinn gives you 100% facility and convenience within your budget, because we value our customers and your investment. Get satisfactory services and valuable expertise from us!

Top 5 ways to make your logo design effective


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The best purpose of a logo design is served when it is effective. You need effective strategy to do so. Without it, you simply fail to attract audience, retain customers and build brand loyalty. What you will sow for an effective symbolic design, and then you shall reap the ultimate benefits out of it for a long duration with reliability, trust and credibility of your business name in the market. That is why, it is very important that you get hold of your brand symbol with effectiveness so that it succeeds to earn distinctive edge, matchless quality and long-term recognition in the market. You can efficiently do this if you hire an experienced professionally qualified team from Logoinn. These experts follow the reasons below to make your logo an effective and successful brand symbol.

Not to go-with-the-flow

When it comes to creativity and designing uniqueness, then there is no such thing like trend, fashion or go-with-the-flow attitude. When it comes to creativity, the main focus is on originality, individuality and unique interactivity for the audience. Others’ inspirations, ideas and concepts are healthy for creative designs but they are not copied.

Believe and trust

When you trust your skills so your client will trust them as well! This trust and belief shows in your work and boosts your morale and confidence. With trust in your expertise and skills, your ideas and concepts are captivating and appealing. They have a strength and distinctiveness in them.

Thorough research

The professionals usually spend much of their time in research and background study for the better understanding of the client’s requirements, market, audience and competitors to give the logo designthe exact look and feel and the individuality of the client’s business. This way the experts create the business representation in a symbolic form at its best way with refreshing originality.

Time Investment

An effective symbol isn’t created in a day or a week. It takes time and the more effective and original the client needs it, the more time it takes. With enough time, the designer has a free hand to play with various concepts according to the business philosophy and theme, keeping it simple and attractive at the same time.

Corporate image

Before the experts finalize and present the few final concepts to the clients, they analyse and evaluate the symbols if they are standing up to become the true business representation with durability, reliability and connection with the audience.

The basic guidelines to your company formation



One of the most challenging jobs is to start a new business, a company formation. The more exciting, the tougher it gets. When you decide to start-up a business, you tempt to succeed heading straight in successfully capturing your target market and selling your brand. You might be eager to get started straight away, but there are few considerations you need to keep in mind.

  1. Location

The first important decision is to set your business in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. For proper documentation, you need proper official registration from the Companies House. Choose the correct location for correct business approach.

  1. Legal consultancy

You need legal and accounting consultancy to make the right decision. The professional legal advisors may cost you hundreds of pounds for their precious and valuable recommendations. You can also seek services of agent, which is comparatively cheaper. You can also get professional and legal advice from online websites. One such professional website is Logoinn which offers legal consultancy services to your company formation and provides agents to do all the paper work. Your registration in the Companies House is done within hours.

  1. Protection of personal assets against risks

Do you want a business where your personal assets are at risk too? So much uncertainty! Of course not! You need to decide how you will incorporate your business. There are options of various business structures and you can choose which suits your preferences the most. For say, if you make your business a limited company then you will face lesser risks than expected and no personal risks. This is a better option because it secures your personal assets and offers protected liability to the company’s shareholders.

  1. Sole authority or partnership

If you have partners then you need proper mutual agreements and paperwork on capital contribution, share of profits, decision-making authority and even holidays. These agreements need proper and formal documentation within Shareholders or Partnership Agreement. These discussions help running of the business in a healthy way.

  1. Terms of contract

You are a start-up business so you need to strike a balance between commercial contracts so that you can assure that you and your business is dealing on safe terms with suppliers and customers. As your business grows and develops, you need complex commercial agreements. You need to keep your own terms and conditions while bidding into a contact with the third parties. You also need legal advice periodically to ensure that your terms and contracts are legally incorporated into an overall agreement with the third parties.


Options of Logo Maker for Your Business



Today, I will introduce various options of logo maker, along with their good and bad features. This is to help you choose the professional option within budget, for your best business representation. Every business needs brand symbol for identification and recognition. It depends on the budget plus the professional approach of the business which affects the decision of the business people.

  1. Website developer

Let me give you a hypothetical situation. You need a brand symbol and you need a website. You approach the website developer for a great, unique, conceptual and attractive website. You get out of cash. You ask him for a brand symbol free of cost. Your designer agrees for that and manages to design an ok to average looking brand symbol. The result is obvious: non-satisfactory. Eventually, the free design was not a feasible option for the professional business identity.

  1. Free logo generator

Again as important as a brand identity, comes for free in the market. This software or logo generator is easily available and accessible in the internet. There is no strategic planning behind your brand symbol. You just get a clip-art image or a type style as your logo. You can get an Ok-looking symbol, but it is possible that some other company have the exact replica of your design as their brand identity as well. There are the bundle of options but still limited clip-art images and fonts provided by the program. The result is, bad, very bad. You do not want a clip-art image as your brand symbol to build trust and credibility. It is damaging and poor business representation.

  1. Designing software

There is another option to buy designing software. It doesn’t cost much and it is very similar to the free logo generator programs. This software also has clip-art and fonts of their own and even has template designs. Again, this approach is not strategic so there is no uniqueness and individuality in your brand sign at the end of the day.

  1. Professional designer

It is a pricey, professional, perfect option for professional, corporate look, trustworthy brand image and credible business reputation. Hiring professional company is the best option of logo maker; any business can come up with. You can easily find such companies online within your budget range. The professional companies offer logo designing in various deals and packages. One such professional company is Logoinn. It offers various other services apart from designing of brand symbols. This is the best option because they have professional artists on board. They study everything from your business to your industry and then come up with a unique, original concept, a fresh and professional logo.