Today, the task of designing websites is very dynamic. You may get to see that web design reviving with the emergence of new techniques, technologies, styles and trends.

In this digital world, the design landscape is shifting with the use of innovative design framework and structures called cards. This design comes with vibrant images and information. This style format has become vital because of its clear, responsiveness, usability and aesthetic qualities.

Most of the designers have misconception about card-based design and they think it’s just a rectangle or box in your site. But, it is more than just a box or a design. To create these types of design it has to qualify the various aspects of functionality.

Since beginning this technique has undergone major changes in styles. Following are the different styles of card-based designs:

  • Flat-Style

This style became prominent in the year 2006 and it based on metro typography language which represents the most colorful and chunky design. Its latest version however shows more of shadows, textures and gradients.

  • Magazine-Style

This technique contains a block with a text an image which acts as a “main feature” to provide detailed information in another web page. According to its name it is widely used by magazines and news sites but it also perfect for other heavy content sites.

  • Pin-Style

It is adopted by pinterest and has become popular in word press themes. Earlier this style used to link with only specific content but now it has evolved with different styles including pictures, clips and other social sharing tools such as notifications.

  • Grid-Style

This style contains block which links completely with the web page. This style also contains some designs which have container designing formats that associates together and some display graphics and images in a network style.


A cards-based style is considered as the flexible design formats because it creates a consistent visitors experience and creates a pleasing appeal. Moreover, with these design format users get information quickly and easily.

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