We all know how important a logo is for a business. It is the symbol which gives a brand its identity. However, did you know that a professional and highly experienced logo maker adds hidden messages in the corporate brand symbols? These hidden messages actually promote the brand by giving audience a surprise element.Let’s have a look at 7 famous logos which have hidden messages.

amazonNotice the yellow arrow in this logo stretching from ‘a’ to ‘z’. This shows that amazon sells all kinds of products ranging from a to z. It is also interpreted as a smile, depicting that the customers are always happy after the transaction.

GillettteLook at the ‘G’ and the dot on ‘i’ and note how precisely and sharply these letters are sliced. This is done to assure customers that the Gillette razors are very sharp.

TobkeroneThis photo makes it easy for you to spot the bear in Toblerone logo. But what is a bear doing there? Actually, Toblerone comes from the Swiss city, Bern, also known as the ‘city of bears’. This is why the designer has added bear in the logo to represent the city and the origin.

fThe red pattern in this Formula 1 logo represents speed. But where is ‘1’? Have a closer look and see how the expert designer has used the white space between F and the red pattern to add the number 1 in the logo.

UnileverAt first glance, Unilever’s ‘U’ looks like it has been filled with many random images. However, that’s not true. Each of the icons in the logo represents something related to Unilever’s business. For example, the hand and the flower represent creams, lotions and moisturizer and the lock of hair represents their shampoos.

NBCNBC is a television broadcasting company. Look closely at the white space in the centre of the colourful logo. It is shaped like the body of a peacock. The colours make sense now because they represent the peacock feathers. The logo signifies that just like a peacock is proud to show its beautiful feathers, in the same way, NBC is also proud of all its television programs.

GoodwillGoodwill is an American non-profit organization. At first sight, their logo looks quite simple with a smiley face. Take a closer look and you will notice that the white space in the face is actually the letter ‘g’!

These logos are not only famous but they also promote the product or service their business provides.As a business entrepreneur, make sure the logo maker creates an appealing, unique and distinctive logo for your brand. Give your business the brand identity it deserves with the unique, creative conceptualization from Logoinn professional and experienced team.