People often ask how to build their own site without hiring software or a professional. Since, WordPress rules the internet world; people have forgotten design training because it’s not as important as it was years ago. People are gravitating towards WordPress because it is much easier to use.

With WordPress you just have to pick a word and then get started on your web design or designing mission.

STEP 1: Clean Design

Simple is in! Don’t bother using the flashing images with loud backgrounds and multi-colors because simple is the word. I would recommend WordPress users to use Genesis them to build your web design or website. It is a popular WordPress framework with crystal and crisp methods.

STEP 2: Simple Navigations

Highlight the most important and vivid pages with sub menus to keep your navigation easy and compelling. Don’t confuse your visitors with 34 choices on your menu. Highlight the most important factors on the front or top of your web design page.

STEP 3 Large Fonts

Try to use large fonts with white spaces for a clear web design. Ideally use large sized fonts ranging from 12 to 13.5 px, don’t stuff content or text all over the page use white spaces this will make your page look more interesting and easy to read.

STEP 4: Responsive site

Number of people using Web on phone is increasing every day. It is best to have an easily controlled and responsive site for androids, blackberries and Iphones. Ensure your site displays browsers promptly to save time and attract more visitors.

STEP 5: CSS Driven Themes

You must understand how to work CSS since most of the WordPress themes are driven by CSS, knowing them and its techniques will help you to a great deal when your existing manipulating theme in web design or mockups is concerned. CSS is heavily used to position and float several elements on web pages



W3schools is a very informative website for new web developers or designers, it has ample knowledge of how to design a web design that’s neat and appropriate, this website includes all the fundamental knowledge that a beginner needs to know about web design and web development.


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