Yes, with free logo generator there are some misconceptions which almost every other start-up business has. If you are under the assumption that such free software gives you a versatile, timeless, creative and impressive logo and work well for your corporate identity and professional business representation then you are very wrong. This is not true! Such free stuff is a fake promise with you and your brand identity.

The usual claims, such software companies make, include statements like ‘get a free logo instantly’ or ‘make your own logo free of cost’ or it goes something like ‘quick logo design service for free’, which are all empty claims. It must be in your common understanding that the professional business identity is never available in such a low-cost. It is all about your timeless brand identity so rack your brains and give it a good thought. Your logo simply lacks the attraction, appeal and inspiration to call the targeted audience for the required action. There is no need spending huge sum of money for your corporate brand identity when you can get the same high-quality design, timely service from professional designing company like Logoinn.


The misconceptions with free logo generator are:

  • You get a creative and customized logo
  • The logo you get is designed by a professional at the back-end
  • You enjoy all the copyrights to the design
  • The logo concept is unique and original in the market
  • The design is flexible, versatile and scalable

It is time you must know what the reality is. You must know that with ‘free’ stuff you are nowhere to go with your brand identity at high risk. You must realize that with these generators and free logo makers your logo lacks creativity, originality, and flexibility. The logo you get is not designed by some professional but it’s just a template or clip-art composition. The brand representation is poor. The colors, fonts and the designing elements are not relevant to your business and fail to trigger the required emotions in your target audience.

Do not rely on these fake promises and do not put your originality at stake of your business image. For your satisfaction, visit such software sites and test it once and evaluate the quality you get from the sites. It won’t be as good as you get the same customized, professional, creative and inspiration logo from professional, experienced and creative graphic artists of Logoinn designing company.