The better side of iOS development and android app for business


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The industry of mobile app has gained popularity while making the globe web centric. According to Gartner and Forrester, more than 80% of the business processes have become mobile-friendly and has created a huge opportunity for the developers to take advantage of rising smart phones market. Therefore, beside web designing and development, entrepreneurs are focusing on iOS development and creating easy to use mobile apps to deliver enhanced user experience across all the devices.

On the other hand, it is a tough task to develop an application that helps in exceeding the expectations of users by providing them the ultra modern, stylish, simple and highly engaging app for various devices.

How mobile applications help businesses?

Mobile applications can do wonders for the businesses. It helps in reaching out to a wide range of your potential customers 24×7 and it offers a productive experience for your company.

  • App marketing vs. others

According to a research, it is a proven fact that a person has 26 applications installed on their cell phones. This shows that app marketing has excelled from other forms of traditional marketing. As compared to website marketing, it is the easier technique to endorse your brand.

  • App marketing over social media

Most of the businesses still use social media for marking their business. But, managing social media platforms requires technical expertise and know-how of the platform. For many start-ups it is not possible to manage such platforms. Furthermore, users don’t come for purchasing on social media but they log in for various purposes.

However, focusing on iOS development and creating mobile applications helps your business in reaching out customers on the move and may not have need of any added resources to engage your customers or clients.

  • Consumer Engagement

With the help of mobile applications, it becomes easier to correspond with your consumers effectively. For instance, if you own a bakery, and you have an application for your business, it becomes easy for customers to place an order at your store without facing the hazard of commuting to your store. Today consumers like such kind of engagement with your business.

Hence, it is important to get a mobile application for your business and engage your audience in the most technological way.

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Look-in for the skills and qualities before hiring professional website maker



Being a Professional website maker is a diligent work. Here are the main things that you ought to search for in your professional designer:

  • Customer-focused:

It is important to make sure that your designer understands your needs and provides superior value. For designers, it is essential to know about their customers so that they help out their customers in the best possible way.

  • Focus on functions:

Besides looking pretty, a site should also have to function well. Sometimes designers concentrate more on designs and don’t give any consideration to how well the web page loads. This turns into an enormous issue in future. Terrible or complex coding makes things harder to settle later on. So, make sure that your website maker focuses on functions of the site.

  • Usability specialist:

Ease of use is an absolute necessity. Don’t employ him if he doesn’t understand the standards of ease-of-use. If you want your visitors to stay on your site and keep them coming back, you site needs to place ease of use above everything.

  • Knowledge about the industry:

Your designer must have the knowledge about the industry. Their ultimate goal should include drawing attention of the visitors and to make the subject matter more relevant for the customers. They should dynamically convey your ideas with your customers.

  • Great communicator:

Your designer ought to have capacity to exchange your thoughts and ideas and keep the stream of ideas moving back and forth between you and your designer. It is important because communication helps in designing your website more efficiently.

  • Sound knowledge on latest techniques:

You should select a designer that has sound knowledge on the latest techniques of designing a site. He should know how to work on latest HTML CSS design and should have the idea on separating design from content.

  • Sense of high-quality Imagination:

Your web designer needs to have sense of great imagination. Although your thoughts and ideas are essential, you need to rely on your website maker to have a great imagination that helps to convert your ideas into reality. Only a professional designer has the ability to come up with creativity.


‘Cards’: taking web design to a new-level



Today, the task of designing websites is very dynamic. You may get to see that web design reviving with the emergence of new techniques, technologies, styles and trends.

In this digital world, the design landscape is shifting with the use of innovative design framework and structures called cards. This design comes with vibrant images and information. This style format has become vital because of its clear, responsiveness, usability and aesthetic qualities.

Most of the designers have misconception about card-based design and they think it’s just a rectangle or box in your site. But, it is more than just a box or a design. To create these types of design it has to qualify the various aspects of functionality.

Since beginning this technique has undergone major changes in styles. Following are the different styles of card-based designs:

  • Flat-Style

This style became prominent in the year 2006 and it based on metro typography language which represents the most colorful and chunky design. Its latest version however shows more of shadows, textures and gradients.

  • Magazine-Style

This technique contains a block with a text an image which acts as a “main feature” to provide detailed information in another web page. According to its name it is widely used by magazines and news sites but it also perfect for other heavy content sites.

  • Pin-Style

It is adopted by pinterest and has become popular in word press themes. Earlier this style used to link with only specific content but now it has evolved with different styles including pictures, clips and other social sharing tools such as notifications.

  • Grid-Style

This style contains block which links completely with the web page. This style also contains some designs which have container designing formats that associates together and some display graphics and images in a network style.


A cards-based style is considered as the flexible design formats because it creates a consistent visitors experience and creates a pleasing appeal. Moreover, with these design format users get information quickly and easily.

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Understand the basics of responsive website design


Online competition has become fierce and the businesses that are not willing to keep up with latest trends in online marketing run the risk of falling behind their competitors. Responsive website design offers businesses a tool that keeps them ahead of their competitors.

But the question arises that how this technique is useful for a business? For that first you have to understand the concept of this technique and how this technique works for your business.


What does Responsive Website Design mean?

Basically, it is a designing technique that makes a site flexible and is adaptable to the different sizes of screen. It helps to reformat automatically according to the size of user’s device. Moreover, it makes your site easier to use by integrating things such as touch screens and navigations.

How does it work?

It focuses on the width of each user’s web browser and finds out how much space is available and how it should display the site. Usually they setup break-points to define specific displays and adopt the layout using proportion-based or fluid images and grids.


Here are some benefits of responsive website design:

  • It works well across the large number of existing devices
  • It helps in better, faster and smarter user experience
  • It saves time and money for future adjustments of optimal viewing
  • It takes an extra effort to create a site but they survive for a longer period
  • It is hard to manage SEO for separate mobile and desktop sites, but responsive website design combat these problems effectively and produce better results
  • It allows for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of panning, scrolling and resizing
  • It improves conversion rates
  • It provides a better experience for the user which is more likely to lead them engaging with your site than going elsewhere

Final word

To enhance user experience, it is essential for businesses to opt for this design choice. There are many templates available that helps in developing such sites with a great ease. Moreover, time invested in developing such site shall pay off in future because the site doesn’t require any additional adjustments for optimal viewing.

Professional web designers at Logoinn help you in creating responsive website designs that will attract more customers and make your online presence more impactful.


Importance of a captivating logo design for your business


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Do you have an emblem or a brand symbol for your small business? Creating an outstanding logo design is the most important way to help your business stand out in market and target the potential customers. Brand awareness or brand recognition is an important key to win business online and helps in building strong customer loyalty and trust. Brand symbol helps customer to remember your brand more easily and helps them spread brand awareness through word of mouth.

If you haven’t yet attempt creating a strong brand for your business, here are some tips that can help you get started in creating a unique brand identity.

  1. Develop a brand personality or persona

The first step on the road to create a strong brand for your business is to develop a brand personality. It is important to think that what kind of image you would like to evoke when customers think of it. Whether you want your brand to have positive uplifting personality or an assertive one?

Be sure that whichever personality you choose for your business, you are consistent with conveying this persona in all your marketing and brand communications. As this creates a huge impact on your brand and helps your business to become more memorable.

  1. Create a good brand symbol for your brand

Once you have decided on brand personality, the next step is to create a strong brand symbol for your brand. A good brand symbol always goes a long way to build brand awareness and recognition for your brand. So, put some thought into creating the right brand symbol for your business.

  1. Develop a voice for your brand

After creating a strong brand personality and brand symbol for your business, it is important to develop a unique brand voice that matches your business image. Use this brand voice across all your marketing channels and social media platforms.

Time and again using the same brand personality and brand voice helps your brand to get recognized easily by your potential customers. By this you can grow your business and keep your customers talking about your brand.

When you take the right steps at the right time, then only you deliver the magic of your brand symbol with effectiveness. Visit Logoinn for personalized logo design and communicate the right corporate message to your customers. Logoinn offers different budget-friendly packages and creates original concepts for your business.


Why should you use a CMS website?


A CMS website is a very popular platform to build online sites. If you are thinking about starting your own site and are wondering whether to use a content management system or not, let us enlighten you about its various advantages.


The best thing about a content management system is that it does not require you to possess any programming knowledge. This makes it is easy for almost anyone to use. Only the basic knowledge, such as, how to use Microsoft Word, is enough to enable you to start working on it. So, once your site is set up by a developer, you can start using it and you do not need to pay big bucks to a developer to make changes or correct an error later on. If you have to update any information or need to upload images, you can do it very easily and quickly on your own.

Multiple users

Another great advantage of using a content management system is that it allows multiple users to access the back-end of the site and make changes. So, the site is not dependent on just one user to update or fix an error. Those who are granted access by the site owner can just as easily add more pages and correct any mistake.

Built-in SEO package

Such sites also have built-in SEO plug-ins, which means that if you utilize these features, your site will definitely rank higher in search engine results. A higher ranking means more traffic. Of course, these built-in SEO packages are not a substitute for real SEOs, but they will certainly help you to rank higher.


A site’s security is very important. Nobody wants their site to be hacked and their client details and other confidential information to be leaked. Therefore, it is better to choose content management systems because they are quite secure as they are regularly checked by developers.


Content management systems are very cost effective. Firstly, sites like WordPress are available for free. Also, if you hire a developer to set up your site, you will only have to pay him once. After that, if there are any changes to be made, you can do that on your own. This undoubtedly saves money which previously was spent by owners of static websites on developers because such stationary sites can only be updated by someone who knows programming.

For your new site, choose a CMS website like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal from SeoQart only for a reliable, professional service and customer support.

3 quality tips for your cheap web design


If you are unsatisfied with the current business website you have, then it is time to make relevant professional changes in it. With the professional website designers and developers available at cost-friendly rates in the market, you do not need opting for cheap web design for your company. Only the design quality is enough to make all the different in the world between a successful and an unpopular website. Knowledge and professional experience is what you need to make the desired changes for your website.

aThings to check

Following things you need checking in your website to make sure if these elements really meet your business theme and philosophy and are attractive enough to appeal the targeted audience.

  1. Colour Scheme

Watch for the colour palette used in your website. Is the content in your website visible and legible? Does the background compliments and highlights the content or make it look faded? Make sure that your background is dark with a light content font colour or the other way around. This helps the audience to read the text easily. If you are not sure about the functioning of the colour theme, then take any third-party or a professional advice.

  1. Pop-ups

The ultimate destroyer of your website appeal is the random pop-ups. It takes much effort and energy to attract the potential audience to visit the website; it damages the entire effort when the visitor is attacked by random pop-up ads or newsletter sign-up boxes. If it is occurring once, it is fine enough. Otherwise check your website if it is occurring too often when you open every other link or page, then make sure you omit it entirely from your website. Too many pop-ups make your visitors annoyed and leave a bad impression. Avoid these irritating ads to satisfy your audience. Random, sudden and frequent pop-ups give an impression of a cheap web design.

  1. Proper layout

Check if your web pages have too much of white space, cluttered text and images or everything is so mixed up that it gets complicated to read and grasp what you are trying to convey. Add in good spacing between elements to give the visitors a pleasant experience.

To make sure everything is perfect, use proper and high-quality Meta tags to attract more traffic and help the website crawling from the search engine. Give your entire website a professional and user-friendly look with all the important designing and development elements through the professional and budget-friendly services of


Logo Makers Add Hidden Messages in Famous Logos

We all know how important a logo is for a business. It is the symbol which gives a brand its identity. However, did you know that a professional and highly experienced logo maker adds hidden messages in the corporate brand symbols? These hidden messages actually promote the brand by giving audience a surprise element.Let’s have a look at 7 famous logos which have hidden messages.

amazonNotice the yellow arrow in this logo stretching from ‘a’ to ‘z’. This shows that amazon sells all kinds of products ranging from a to z. It is also interpreted as a smile, depicting that the customers are always happy after the transaction.

GillettteLook at the ‘G’ and the dot on ‘i’ and note how precisely and sharply these letters are sliced. This is done to assure customers that the Gillette razors are very sharp.

TobkeroneThis photo makes it easy for you to spot the bear in Toblerone logo. But what is a bear doing there? Actually, Toblerone comes from the Swiss city, Bern, also known as the ‘city of bears’. This is why the designer has added bear in the logo to represent the city and the origin.

fThe red pattern in this Formula 1 logo represents speed. But where is ‘1’? Have a closer look and see how the expert designer has used the white space between F and the red pattern to add the number 1 in the logo.

UnileverAt first glance, Unilever’s ‘U’ looks like it has been filled with many random images. However, that’s not true. Each of the icons in the logo represents something related to Unilever’s business. For example, the hand and the flower represent creams, lotions and moisturizer and the lock of hair represents their shampoos.

NBCNBC is a television broadcasting company. Look closely at the white space in the centre of the colourful logo. It is shaped like the body of a peacock. The colours make sense now because they represent the peacock feathers. The logo signifies that just like a peacock is proud to show its beautiful feathers, in the same way, NBC is also proud of all its television programs.

GoodwillGoodwill is an American non-profit organization. At first sight, their logo looks quite simple with a smiley face. Take a closer look and you will notice that the white space in the face is actually the letter ‘g’!

These logos are not only famous but they also promote the product or service their business provides.As a business entrepreneur, make sure the logo maker creates an appealing, unique and distinctive logo for your brand. Give your business the brand identity it deserves with the unique, creative conceptualization from Logoinn professional and experienced team.

How to learn web design


People often ask how to build their own site without hiring software or a professional. Since, WordPress rules the internet world; people have forgotten design training because it’s not as important as it was years ago. People are gravitating towards WordPress because it is much easier to use.

With WordPress you just have to pick a word and then get started on your web design or designing mission.

STEP 1: Clean Design

Simple is in! Don’t bother using the flashing images with loud backgrounds and multi-colors because simple is the word. I would recommend WordPress users to use Genesis them to build your web design or website. It is a popular WordPress framework with crystal and crisp methods.

STEP 2: Simple Navigations

Highlight the most important and vivid pages with sub menus to keep your navigation easy and compelling. Don’t confuse your visitors with 34 choices on your menu. Highlight the most important factors on the front or top of your web design page.

STEP 3 Large Fonts

Try to use large fonts with white spaces for a clear web design. Ideally use large sized fonts ranging from 12 to 13.5 px, don’t stuff content or text all over the page use white spaces this will make your page look more interesting and easy to read.

STEP 4: Responsive site

Number of people using Web on phone is increasing every day. It is best to have an easily controlled and responsive site for androids, blackberries and Iphones. Ensure your site displays browsers promptly to save time and attract more visitors.

STEP 5: CSS Driven Themes

You must understand how to work CSS since most of the WordPress themes are driven by CSS, knowing them and its techniques will help you to a great deal when your existing manipulating theme in web design or mockups is concerned. CSS is heavily used to position and float several elements on web pages



W3schools is a very informative website for new web developers or designers, it has ample knowledge of how to design a web design that’s neat and appropriate, this website includes all the fundamental knowledge that a beginner needs to know about web design and web development.


Contact today for more information on how to make your own website.

5 misconceptions about free logo generator

Yes, with free logo generator there are some misconceptions which almost every other start-up business has. If you are under the assumption that such free software gives you a versatile, timeless, creative and impressive logo and work well for your corporate identity and professional business representation then you are very wrong. This is not true! Such free stuff is a fake promise with you and your brand identity.

The usual claims, such software companies make, include statements like ‘get a free logo instantly’ or ‘make your own logo free of cost’ or it goes something like ‘quick logo design service for free’, which are all empty claims. It must be in your common understanding that the professional business identity is never available in such a low-cost. It is all about your timeless brand identity so rack your brains and give it a good thought. Your logo simply lacks the attraction, appeal and inspiration to call the targeted audience for the required action. There is no need spending huge sum of money for your corporate brand identity when you can get the same high-quality design, timely service from professional designing company like Logoinn.


The misconceptions with free logo generator are:

  • You get a creative and customized logo
  • The logo you get is designed by a professional at the back-end
  • You enjoy all the copyrights to the design
  • The logo concept is unique and original in the market
  • The design is flexible, versatile and scalable

It is time you must know what the reality is. You must know that with ‘free’ stuff you are nowhere to go with your brand identity at high risk. You must realize that with these generators and free logo makers your logo lacks creativity, originality, and flexibility. The logo you get is not designed by some professional but it’s just a template or clip-art composition. The brand representation is poor. The colors, fonts and the designing elements are not relevant to your business and fail to trigger the required emotions in your target audience.

Do not rely on these fake promises and do not put your originality at stake of your business image. For your satisfaction, visit such software sites and test it once and evaluate the quality you get from the sites. It won’t be as good as you get the same customized, professional, creative and inspiration logo from professional, experienced and creative graphic artists of Logoinn designing company.